The way we work

Here at MEK Plastering we believe that a clean and well prepared workplace is the best way to achieve the highest level of workmanship.

Preparation is the key, and we make sure we get it right so that when we finish our job the next trade to come along doesn’t have to deal with any unnecessary problems.

For rendering we offer three options; acrylic, solid (cement) and lime renders. Although most buildings can be covered in acrylic render, if the brickwork isn’t up to scratch (e.g walls are not straight and level), solid render must be used. Our lime render is another option. Lime render is extremely durable, self-healing and eco-friendly.

Preparation is an important process, and before work is commenced we take great pride in protecting your property (especially when working on a renovation, repair or extension). To ensure everything is left clean and spotless, we mask all your windows, doorways, fittings, roof and floor areas. Where needed, we also use protective cloths and plastic to ensure no mess is left behind. Although time-consuming, all of this is vital to ensure that your job has a clean and perfect finish.

If you’re interested in adding something special or unique to your newly finished home, MEK Plastering also specialises in corbelling and mouldings. Corbelling is a band that is applied to external walls, and adds interest to an otherwise flat or featureless surface. It's a great way to make a statement and help to make your house stand out from the rest.

Mouldings are another great option, creating a stunning effect around your windows and doorways. Hand run moulds are uncommon these days, as the mass-produced products take over. If you are interested in having adding some moulding or corbelling to your home, MEK Plastering is be happy discuss your options with you, when we come to do your obligation-free quote.

Once the job is completed you will be thrilled. The job will look amazing, everything will be clean and everyone will be happy. We guarantee it!

Please note: All of our employees are trained in safe workplace practices and have completed their safety card certification.